Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Post Babylon

The city-state's streets are clean and safe. Even at night. It is a prosperous state. And well organized, its institutions work well. Singapore is multicultural, but that is not an issue. So, do Singaporeans need democracy? Do they need to be democratic? I ask myself these questions when I gaze around. The women are sexy mini-skirted, buying Gucci and a scent of Picasso. The men go around in Armani and smell like Boss. The sidewals are crowded. No one to attend my questions to. My shadow is growing. TV-sreens scream of a war in Babylon. And I - I long for Indonesia.
(The photo was taken at the National Museum of Singapore in 2006 and this short text has been written in 2003 and has earlier been published as a quadrant on Ferrie Veen's website

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