Tuesday, November 25, 2014

manifesto #superduperdecorativeart

manifesto #superduperdecorativeart

1. #superduperdecorativeart comes by many names and in different disguises.

2. We will no longer allow for any more boring art!

3. What cannot be said, should be joked about.


5. #superduperdecorativeart is beyond beauty yet aesthetic.

6. #superduperdecorativeart is artificial and characterized by a high-degree of plasticity.

7.#superduperdecorativeart has no clear-cut genesis, it's and continuous to be the bastard child of a great many artists, with and without talent.

8. No one is an artist until one is an artist.

9. #superduperdecorativeart embraces mimetic desire: that our desires are our own is a wonderful illusion.

10. #superduperdecorativeart has limited use for authenticity. Authenticity can be regarded a useful artifice though.

11. #superduperdecorativeart plays with an infinite feedback loop: reflexive self-plagiarism is called for in our digital modernity.

12. #superduperdecorativeart quotes, samples, pirates, forges, bootlegs, imitates, borrows, mimics, copies transposes, plagiarizes, steals, appropriates and echoes from whatever sources we see fit: nothing is holy.



15. #superduperdecorativeart's interventions are unpredictable and unstable – long live contingency!

16. #superduperdecorativeart does not spell everything out, use your imagination anyway you like to finish works on display.

17. #superduperdecorativeart does not aim to bridge contemporary art and everyday life, whatever the latter might mean, but see statement 12.

18. #superduperdecorativeart does not make statements, let alone statements on factual reality.

19. Pure logics does not apply to the aesthetics of #superduperdecorativeart, which does not mean that #superduperdecorativeart is beyond discourse, but, for a change, lets speak in French tongues, paradoxes, lies, hyperboles and contradictions.

20. Sometimes a shoe is just that: a shoe. Sometimes a shoe does not signify or symbolize a meaningful concept or idea (but sometimes, maybe, it does).

21. #superduperdecorativeart does not care the slightest for democracy, but does care about/for aesthetics as well as ethics (the two sides of the same proverbial coin).

22. #superduperdecorativeart is post-post-colonial art as well as post-identity politics.

23. #superduperdecorativeart offers pleasure: emotional, spiritual as well as intellectual pleasure – but can also cause discomfort in the faint hearted. It is, therefore, best enjoyed in small doses in good company.


25. Every day is a great day for #superduperdecorativeart; no one has the last word on #superduperdecorativeart, not even the artist (nor this author).

26. #superduperdecorativeart does not want to win popularity contests, yet, #superduperdecorativeart might, one day, go viral and become the neo-avant-garde, possibly the new 0.1 percent.

27. None of the above statements have any claim to originality. Moreover, this manifesto is far from complete (like noise, silence can be convenient).

28. The author cannot be hold responsible for the interpretations of this work of fiction.

29. Copyright does not apply to the above statements nor the manifesto as a whole.

30. None of the above statements nor the manifesto as a whole are manifestations of art.

31. Needless to say, the artist does not agree with any of the above statements nor with the manifesto as a whole.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Unoriginal Sin II - Art in the Expired Field - a solo exhibition by Asmudjo J. Irianto at LAF

Unoriginal Sin II
Art in the Expired Field

Solo exhibition by Asmudjo J. Irianto at LAF, Yogyakarta.

Opening: Friday 28 November 7.30 pm
Artist talk: Saturday 29 November

Exhibition runs until 28 December 2014

My text can be downloaded here.