Saturday, August 23, 2008

some old stuff

During my recent trip to the Netherlands I found some of my old pictures at my parents' place, here is a scan of one of these old photos.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Only Truly Alien Planet is Earth

At CCCB in Barcelona is until November 2 an exhibition on the novelist J.G.Ballard titled 'Autopsy of the New Millenium'. One of Ballard's books, 'Crash' (1973), is filmed by David Cronenberg in 1996. One of Ballard's themes is our relationships - also erotic - with our technologies and environments.

Who is he?

I photographed this fellow nearby my hotel in Barcalona mid morning. Mid morning and the sun was already shining a scourging heat, wasn't he burning up? Mid morning and he was already too stoned to lift up his head. Was he homeless and therefore wearing a complete wardrobe?

The infatuated camera

Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken said: "That's the whole point about photography: you have just to do it, that's the key, a photographer has to take pictures. After that you can bullshit about it any way you want, philosophize about it, harbour all kinds of of droll or splendid ideas and aesthetic principles about it [...]. You have to just make your hours out on the street, among the people. Observing people... For hours and hours and hours, being out there. Making full days."

Barcalona tourism

Barcalona is a great city. However, tourists are not made welcome. Perhaps the rude treatment is merely a matter of a language problem. But above picture is a clear example of otherwise. The photo is taken nearby Parc Guel, designed by Gaudi. And it is not just the anarchists who give the impression of being unwelcome. In a museum cafe an English lady ordered ice capuchino. She got a hot cup of capuchino and next to it a glass with ice cubes. Barb wired dadaism?