Wednesday, November 10, 2010

topsy-turviness in a runaway world

Art and architecture at an intersection

"There is a big difference between art and architecture: the scales of involvement of the user. Seeing is not enough. Seeing is mostly an active distance. Looking at art is different from being in architecture."

- Vito Acconci

Sunday, November 7, 2010


A Fine Childhood

The mouth of a girl who had long lain in the reeds
looked so chewed up.
When we broke open the torso, the esophagus was so full of holes.
Finally in a bower under the diaphragm
we found a nest of young rats.
One little sister rat lay dead.
The others were living off liver and kidney,
drinking the cold blood and enjoying
a fine childhood.
And fine and fast was their death too:
we threw the whole bunch into water.
Oh, how those little snouts squeaked!

Gottfried Benn (translated by Supervert)