Monday, March 24, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bandung-Jakarta: pulang-pergi

How often have I travelled between Bandung and Jakarta? Perhaps already about five hundred times in the past five years. I can dream the scenery by now. I have named every single tree, rock and house.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

the day of silence

Yesterday it was Hari Raya Nyepi, the day of silence marks for Hindus a new beginning. It is also a national holiday in Indonesia. On my walk to the train station of Bandung, I photographed this sleepy parking lot guard. Upon arrival at Gambir train station in Jakarta I spoke to some taxi drivers who were not able to buy any breakfast, because they had not yet had a single ride that morning. Most Indonesians were having a slow start (the non-Hindu Indonesians would later that day crowd the shopping malls). I have no split personality, so I could take only one taxi.


This wall at Jalan Siliwangi was painted by students of the art school of ITB and it was sponsored by the Dutch based multi-national company Akzo Nobel. I was walking uphill when an angkot (i.e. mini van for public transportation) passed by, in the entrance sat two boys singing a song to collect some money. I photographed them when they got off, perhaps they looked to well fed and dressed to be begging, but maybe they wanted some extra pocket money.

enduring waiting game

To my surprise some students not only come by car to the campus, these students also have drivers. When in class the drivers have to sit and wait around, and smoke&chat.

dancing houses

nature morte

going around and round...

KAI is the acronym for Kerata Api Indonesia, i.e. the Indonesian Railways. Near by the train station in Bandung a long wall has been spray painted to promote this state company. KAI between Jakarta and Bandung is having problems since the opening of the toll road between these two cities; travel by car is much faster than by train. However, there is no need to further comment the above text.