Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's my phone...

Once in a while I have strangers on the phone, with them strange conversations unfold.
─ Salam aleikum.
─ Hello?
─ Is mister Djoko there?
─ And who is this?
─ Mister Hassan. Is mister Djoko there?
─ No, I don’t think he is here.
─ Do you know where he is then?
─ No, I do not know where he is.
─ Do you know when I can contact him then?
─ No, I don’t.
─ Oh…
─ Because I don’t know mister Djoko.
─ So you do not know where he is?
─ No.
─ Or when I can call him again?
─ No, because I don’t know him.
─ Oh…
─ And this is my phone number.
─ Oh…
─ And not mister Djoko’s.
Without further ado the conversation ends at this point, again and again. It humors me. It startles me. A confusing landscape indeed.

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