Sunday, December 17, 2006

A couple of fellows

I took this picture in Bandung two days ago. Actually I was photographing something else when I noticed this couple – the poor are easily overlooked. Here the poor are called the little people(wong cilik, rakyat or massa), which is not a comment on their physical appearance, but a moral condemnation of their apparently lack of awareness of their own socio-political interests and therefore they are seen as not capable of making prudent decisions. This couple wanted to pose – the man, though, was more eager that the woman. And afterwards I showed them the picture. Two weeks ago I was in Surabaya and after I took some photos at a traditional market a woman expected that she could not only see the picture on the screen of my camera, but also would be able to receive instantly a print of the photo I took of her. (And I don’t know where to mail the photo to. The sans papiers have no address.)

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