Sunday, November 29, 2015

This is not an apple... by Faisal Habibi

This is not an apple...
a solo exhibition by Faisal Habibi
curated by Roy Voragen
for the catalog see here
at ROH Projects, Jakarta
opens 5pm Saturday 19 December 2015
until 24 January 2016

Equity Tower 40th Floor Suite E
SCBD Lot 9
Jalan Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta 12190 Indonesia

Bandung-based artist Faisal Habibi (Jakarta, 1984) shows a body of new work in his first solo exhibition This is not an apple… at ROH Projects. Since his graduation from ITB’s art school (2003-2008), Faisal Habibi’s main concern has been and still is material culture. However, instead of playfully dealing with the omnipresence and dominance of everyday objects and their functionality, as in his previous works, he deals with the image of everyday objects by enticing an aesthetic experience of materiality, i.e. material forms and shapes, and materiality’s formal compositions. For this, beauty is significant and the strategy he employs is one of dialog. The new works are spatially configurated in such a way as to offer visitors an embodied aesthetic experience of the formal, abstract compositions of each work and the body of works taken together within the gallery setting. The sculptural compositions are staged to unfold for all our senses.