Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dangling Durians by Wiyoga Muhardanto

Dangling Durians

a solo project by Wiyoga Muhardanto

curated by Roy Voragen

presented by Equator Art Projects (http://www.eqproj.com/)
at Langgeng Art Foundation (http://www.langgengfoundation.org/)
Jalan Suryodiningratan 37, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
opening: Monday 3pm, November 2, 2015
until: December 2, 2015

Equator Art Projects presents, in collaboration with Langgeng Art Foundation, Dangling Durians, the latest solo project by Bandung-based artist Wiyoga Muhardanto (Jakarta, Indonesia, 1984), which is curated by Roy Voragen. Wiyoga, an ITB alumnus, is a prolific artist who has participated in biennales, art fairs, group shows and residency programs in Indonesia and abroad.

The artist shows his latest sculptures as a loosely constellated installation in the subterranean area of Langgeng Art Foundation, as part of Equator Art Projects, yet not in the actual gallery. For Dangling Durians, spaces have been switched: the locked-down gallery remains eerily empty for the duration of the show, instead the non-exhibition space in front of the basement gallery is utilized, not in criticism of the white cube but to tease urban questions to the foreground by means of a subterranean detour.

The contemporary is urban, and our built environment mediates, constructs, reproduces and, intersected at certain times, contradicts relationships of power. Our embodied relationship to objects always assumes a spatial setting and space is never neutral, always coded by (conflicting) normativities. The sculptures are the miscellaneous fragments, the discarded shreds, the hacked bits and pieces lifted out of our urban fabric.

With flair and wit, Wiyoga created seven new sculptures and each combines unlikely, even contradictory, elements, which is further amplified by grouping these sculptures together as an installation. Each feature, whether as a ready-made or remade by using resin, is one of our many urban fetishes, obsessions, fears, guilty pleasures, anxieties, joys, etc… 

For the curatorial essay see here.

Publication design by Endira FJ.

For photo documentation by Anang Saptoto see here.

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