Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Qualia by Jef Carnay

Qualia by Jef Carnay

Roma Arts presents Qualia by Jef Carnay at Asbestos Art Space

Jef Carnay is a Manila-based visual and performance artist. Qualia is the result of his residency at Roma Arts, Bandung, November 2012. Carnay’s presentation includes a new installation and performance at Asbestos Art Space. And Qualia is based on the artist’s everyday experiences in Bandung during his residency.

Opening & Performance 24 November 7pm

Until 27 November 7pm

Asbestos Art Space
Jalan RAA Martanegara 86 Bandung

Jef Carnay is a Manila-based visual and performance artist who exhibited his works in local and international art galleries, museums and alternative spaces; he performed at both local and international art events; he curated local live art performances. Currently he is one of the board of trustees of the Filipino Visual Arts and Design Rights Organization (FILVADRO), moreover, he is a member of the core committee of TutoK (an artists initiative). He is an active member of NeWorlDisorder, an open, collaborative and loose multimedia art initiative. He is also a convener of the art event 'Bulong', a night of poetry, songs and other performances. And he is the lead vocalist of the band 'earthfishfish'.

Roma Arts, founded in 2011, promotes passionate, ambitious and focused ways of producing, presenting, experiencing, and writing about the diverse forms of arts. Roma Arts gives keen attention to art practices, forms of presentation, experiencing the arts, and discourses on art. In 2012, Roma Arts started a residency program to foster creative person-to-person contacts.
Roy Voragen

Jef Carnay’s Roma Arts residency is supported by Valentine Willie Fine Art

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