Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On Pins and Needles - a selection

On Pins and Needles

Roma Arts artist-in-resident Jef Carnay will present On Pins and Needles at Galeri Gerilya 16 November 5pm. This TUTOK project is a collection of performative videos and live art documentation from around the world.

Friday 16 November 5pm

With impromptu live performances!

Galeri Gerilya
Jalan Raden Patah 12 Bandung

Selection of videos from the On Pins and Needles Project:

Anida Yoeu Ali – 1700% Project

Opaline Santos

Jef Carnay – Note to self: It can get cold. Keep yourself warm.

Kosal Khiev – Why I Write

Marcus Vinicius – The artist is warrior

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