Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TransJakarta Busway

Jakarta is congested, its streets simply cannot digest this many vehicles. Jakarta’s government decided to implement the shock doctrine in 2005. One way was the 3-in-1 policy during peek hours (minimum of three persons per car, which is simply sidestepped by renting so-called jockeys). The other way was to reserve one lane for designated buses, the so-called TransJakarta Busway. The TransJakarta Busway and the three-in-one meet mockery, just because it's felt by the well-to-do that it eats up ‘their’ space. And to get people out of their private cars and into the busway the buses needed to be clean and safe, which certainly was true in the beginning, but due to rapid expansion and low maintenance the quality has deteriorated and waiting time at bus stops has increased.

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