Monday, June 13, 2011

second stop: terminal Leuwi Panjang

Last Thursday I took seven angkots (minibuses). Seven! And where did I go? Nowhere. The angkot took me first to terminal Kebon Kalapa and from there to Terminal Leuwi Panjang and back. By the time I was in the fifth angkot my head was spinning. The angkots – navigating the streets of Bandung – twisting and turning. Leuwi Panjang is my second stop on this journey without destintion. Writing the city. Riding its angkots. Last Thursday I went back, this time around to take photos as well (see the next two postings). To get to Leuwi Panjang I have to pass through Kebon Kalapa.

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Dinar Rahayu said...

kayak Jodie Foster aja di 'The Brave One'..good for you...-dinar-