Tuesday, May 31, 2011

writing the city Bandung, riding its angkots...

Last week I started a voyage. Not around the globe or an exotic location but a venture into the streets of the city I live in – Bandung, Indonesia. So this is the basic idea: I am going around the city by angkot – minibus public transportation – each time I will take a different route to end up at a different terminal. Last week I started by taking the Dago-Kalapa angkot from Dago, nearby my home in Kanayakan, to the terminal Kebon Kalapa (for those of you who are familiar with Bandung, this is just south of alun-alun and just north of monumen lautan api; see the map above for the pointing finger). So far it has been lots of fun – seeing a new part of the city where I have lived for the better of the past eight years, joking with the drivers, having coffee at the terminal – while at the very same it has so far been pretty exhausting – beside the five odd hours I spent per week in the angkot to go from my home to my office vice versa I spend now numerous extra hours on the streets riding the city’s minibuses. The goal is not only the see more of the city I call my home but also to try to find new ways to write (about) the city. For my first impressions of the Kebon Kalapa terminal see the next post.

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