Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the Merlion: statue/museum/hotel

For the duration of the Singapore Biennale, the Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi has constructed a hotel around a statue (the Merlion) at Marina Bay. During the day it is open for visitors (approximately 1000 per day), and for the night you can book the room (for 150 Singapore Dollar). As Marina Bay is a very touristic area of Singapore, many who visit the Merlion Hotel just happen to be in the area and have no clue about the biennale, and they love the hotel: patiently they wait for their turn to enter, before entering they hastily kick out their shoes and after entering they, as good tourists, take pictures of each other (especially next to the Merlion's head hovering above the king-size bed. Singapore daily Today's art critic Mayo Martin spent a night in this makeshift but luxury hotel and he felt watched, even though he didn't detect any CCTVs, but he thinks this a good metaphor of Singapore.

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