Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can we see for the very first once more?

Can we imagine to see for the very first again? Can I see my loved one as I saw her when we first met? We all live in a visual culture. No escape. Does it numb us? Do we sedate ourselves? We live within an Escher drawing. However, can we see for the very first time once more? I thought of that when I was watching 'The Fall' again last night. When I saw this movie for the first time I felt like my senses where picking up much more after I left the cinema. Tarsem Singh Dhandwa (1961), well-known for the MTV award winning video clip of R.E.M.'s hit 'Loosing my Religion' and the movie 'The Cell' with Jennifer Lopez, made the exuberant movie 'The Fall', a movie about the power of story-telling and the need for imagination (below a short clip from YouTube, filmed in Bali, Indonesia, the quality isn't too good though, but the pirated DVD is available in Indonesia, long live the right to copy...). Stories depend on the teller as well as the listener, the story told in 'The Fall' meanders through on a dialogical interaction between teller and listener, and when the story advances fiction becomes intertwined with reality. Just as our visual database - what we have experienced in our own life is intertwined with movies, photos and posters we have seen along the way - has an impact on 'new' acts of seeing.

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u got the dvd! hehehe...