Sunday, April 12, 2009


Above installation is by David Noonan (1969), which is part of the Altermodern exhibition at Tate Trienial, curated by Nicolas Bouriaud. According to Bouriaud, in response to globalization a new modernity is emerging. More communication is coupled to daily chaos, and hybridization is the keyword. Artists respond to globalized modernity because art is made in a global context, Bouriaud says: "Artists are looking for a new modernity that would be based on translation: What matters today is to translate the cultural values of cultural groups and to connect them to the world network. This 'reloading process' of modernism according to the twenty-first-century issues could be called altermodernism, a movement connected to the creolisation of cultures and the fight for autonomy, but also the possibility of producing singularities in a more and more standardized world."

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