Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stories from the city, Stories from you

Last Thursday I took again a long walk around Bandung starting at Jalan Nias to Ciroyom station and back. I also returned to the kampung (inner city settlement) nearby the Ciroyom train station I visited a few weeks ago. I circled around the kampung, talked to a lot of people, photographed many as well, some didn’t want to, some because they were shy, but most people thought it was fun to pose. Jokes were made about me – the sweating mister. And they were asking one and another what I was doing in their neighborhood. I heard the word arsip a dozen or so times, only when I returned at the campus I realized the meaning of this word: archives, files. And indeed, in a way I am recording a tiny bit of how people live at this place where soon another mall will be constructed (and the word goes that Soeharto's daughter has a hand in this). I am an archivist, a filing clerk.

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