Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ladies of the inner city

Last Thursday morning I walked around Bandung for hours and I took a lot of pictures. Nearby the Ciroyom train station I found an interesting area. The houses were demolished. But some lonely walls and floors were left. And my guess is that after some time the reason for the destruction got forgotten, because the space has been reoccupied (by the same people? or new ones? and if new ones, where did the old inhabitants move to and were they fairly compensated for resettlement?). The reoccupation makes use of those left behind walls and floors. And the collection of make-shift dwellings has the character some where in between a kampung (inner city village) and a slum. The people of this place work as scavengers, when I was there many were busy cleaning found objects to prepare these to be sold off to recycle firms.

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