Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bandung Network 7

With a 14 hour delay, Kristoffer Ardeña has arrived in Bandung and he will stay at Roma Arts until May 23. He is the fourth artist from the Philippines visiting Roma Arts in one year. The first was Mark Salvatus, who was here exactly a year ago for a short stay (he is the founder of 98B). The second was Marika Constantino (head special projects 98B), she gave a talk about 98B at Common Room and she created a mural at Roma Arts. And the third was Jef Carnay, he gave a talk on On Pins and Needles at Galeri Gerilya and he created an installation and performance at Asbestos. Kristoffer will give a talk at ITB’s Visual Arts Study Program (15 May 2pm) and his project Dear Curator Curate Me will open 19 May at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space.

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