Monday, June 25, 2012

Bandung Network 4

Singapore-based artist Linda Sim Solay ( is in her final week of her Roma Arts residency, but she will return in October to present her work at the French Cultural Institute in Bandung ( A day after Linda Sim has left, Manila-based artist Marika B. Constantino will arrive in Bandung for a two-week stay at Roma Arts. She is a visual artist who has participated in exhibitions in the Philippines and abroad. As a freelance writer, she has contributed to a number of publications. She shares her various experiences in the art practice to a wider audience as an educator and an independent curator.  Her early exposure to art and her boundless fascination for the creative process resulted with a degree from the UP College of Architecture, and she continued her studies at the UP College of Fine Arts, with Art History as her major. Marika B. Constantino is continually striving to balance the cerebral, conceptual and experiential aspects of art with life in general.  Currently, she is the Special Projects Head of 98B COLLABoratory ( She is also a member of CANVAS on project basis ( During her stay in Bandung, she will create a mural in front of Jalan Cibeunying Kolot III no.41, the location of Roma Arts. And July 4 at 15.00, she will give a talk about 98B at Common Room Networks Foundation (, for more information on this talk see the next post.

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