Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Art in Indonesia - useful links


Ark Gallery (in Jakarta):

Asbestos Art Space (in Bandung):

Canna Gallery (in Jakarta):

Cemara6 Gallery (in Jakarta):

Cemeti Art House (in Yogyakarta):

CG Art Space (in Jakarta):

Common Room Networks Foundation (in Bandung):

CP Biennale (2003 and 2005 in Jakarta):

Edwin’s Gallery (in Jakarta):

Forum Lenteng in Jakarta:

National Gallery (in Jakarta):

Soemardja Gallery (in Bandung):

House of Natural Fibres (in Yogyakarta):

Indonesia Contemporary Art Network (in Yogyakarta):

Indonesian Art Now:

Jakarta Arts Council:

Jakarta Biennale:

Jatiwangi Art Factory:

Jurnal Footage:


Kedai Kebun Forum (in Yogyakarta):

Kendra Gallery (in Bali):

Kunci Cultural Center (in Yogyakarta):

Langgeng Art Foundation (in Yogyakarta):

Nadi Gallery (in Jakarta):

OK Video Festival (organized by ruangrupa in Jakarta):

Parallab (in Bandung):

Platform3 (in Bandung):

Ruang Depan/S.14 (in Bandung):

Ruang Mes56 (in Yogyakarta):

Ruangrupa (in Jakarta):

Salihara (in Jakarta):

Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery:

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space:

Videolab (in Bandung):

Visual Art Archive (in Yogyakarta):

Visual Arts Magazine:

Vivi Yip Art Room (in Jakarta):

Yogyakarta Art Fair:

Yogyakarta Biennale:

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