Sunday, August 22, 2010

designing anonymous facades

It is ironic that the New York City Sky Scrapers website claims to "A look behind the anonymous facades." Is it possible to design a sky scraper without an anonymous facade? After all, how can an architect be proud of a design which offers only an anonymous facade? Perhaps we can read the above statement as an analogy to today's fashion: We style ourselves in the latest fashion to be absorbed by the masses, i.e. fashion as a lifestyle instead of styling oneself as an individual. Fashion as a lifestyle only shows surfaces, deptless surfaces. Zygmunt Bauman writes that " through reducing the self to a surface, to something one can control and arrange at will, it offers the self security against intruders [...]."

See also the highrise project at the University of Edinburgh.

I took the above photo in 2007; the building in the background is one of the five 151 meter Taman Anggrek towers in Jakarta.

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