Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My kids...

This semester I lectured on 'globalism, modernity and the nation-state' at the Department of International Relations of Parahyangan University. And during the last session one of the students made a group portrait. So unfortunately, the photographer, Denish, is not in the picture. Agatha, Andit, Aswin, Denish, Devi, Diandra, Pascal, Yosef and Zeva: I really enjoyed working with you and wish you all the best.


DenishTheGreen said...

Anak bapak ada 9? wow.

Zeva said...

royyy!!! don't dissapear into thin air now that GMNS class is over..hehehhe. just like the things i wrote in my email.

Anonymous said...

Roy, I'm really glad i didn't drop your class like others did..
hearing rumors about you kinda make me scared at first..

But it turns out to be wrong! and i think those that dropped your class made a huge mistake..

I learned a LOT from your class this semester and I think I learn much more from your class rather than other class I've taken..

Thank you so much for that and all for your criticism and demanding stuff..

Really looking forward on you other classes in the future..
I think you'll do great in teaching IR methodological science (MIHI) and IR theories (THI)..

Hope Mas Pur granted it !

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Roy! Thanks for teaching us not only bout the materials of GMNS but also about the habit to read more, the tendency to be more critical and definitely the importance of being punctual! haha!
You did inspire me to do MORE than I usually do,to get out my comfort zone and make the very best I could do in my writing.

I hope we all will still keep in touch, and I'm pretty sure I and the other 8 students are so willing to have another class taught by you!

(I will make a blog as soon as possible,dudes!)

Anonymous said...

Roy,,, dank u voor uw leer op dit semester,,,,,
ik will u vergeet niet....


roulinanotpaulina said...

I thought it was about your real daughter(s) or son(s)..heheheh
i learn new things in this class..thanks a lot..

Anonymous said...

seems u're having a lot of fun R hehe