Friday, February 13, 2009

the body as text: the deterritorialization of the self

In the Beginning was the Word.
John I:1

Mark Pesce writes in Ritual and Virtual: "The deterritorialization of the self is the essential feature that marks human entry into cyberspace. In the universe of infinite connection and possibility the only possible ontology is magical; reality as that which is invoked, the world conformant to will. The techniques of magical will, quintessentially linguistic, require a conscious mastery of the relationship between word and world. At the end of history comes the Word."

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Gary Smith said...

It is said, probably wrongly, that the Greeks had a fear of the infinite. I know that our culture does. Just ask someone if they believe in the actual infinite or only the possible infinite as a limiting idea. Few believe the former and they find the idea somehow fearsome. It is vertigo. We are control freaks. Cyber space is supposedly composed out of the stuff of finite analysis. The digital realm cannot hold the infinite. But maybe sending all those digits out into the serene azure sky does place them there in the Infinite. And they become lost in its fearsomeness. The truth is that almost nothing of what is sent out gets read. Our will is paralyzed by the silent magic of the limitless. Or maybe there are angels out in the shining ether that somehow read it and remember it. And maybe the angels will read it back to us later.