Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thinking outside the Indonesian box

Following SBY's advice to think outside the box, Terry Collins (his blog: Jakartass; and he just co-authored an excellent intro on Jakarta: CultureShock!) decided to set up a thinking outside the Indonesian box blog. He writes: "As Jakartass, I am asking folk to join in a group writing exercise. [...] I hope that this site will develop a life of its own and serve as a think tank. Who knows, but SBY might even thank us." So far three essays have been published. First, 'If I were Jakarta's Governor' by Thomas R. Belfield (his blog: Jakarta Urban Blog). Second, 'What if no-one owned land' by Miko. And third, my essay 'Holy Cows in the Big Durian' on urban congestion and car ownership.

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